About Us - CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is the fundamental principle that a company is responsible for providing more benefits than just profits for shareholders.

A company has a role to play in treating it’s employees well, preserving the environment, respecting fair trade, respecting cultural differences and supporting philanthropy, amongst others.

We believe our business model and our values take care of almost all aspects of our Corporate Social Responsibility except in terms of supporting philanthropy. We have therefore taken a conscious choice to take on philanthropy as a standalone initiative, and within that large space have chosen to focus our limited resources towards ‘Education of the Girl Child’.

Through our partnership with IIMPACT (www.iimpact.net), we sponsor the entire operational expenses of 2 primary schools educating 70 young girls up to the age of 12 years. The schools are located at Village Darigachi (from April 2011) and Village Aamgachi (from October 2013) in District Kishanganj, Bihar State, India. Apart from this initiative we have also made significant investments in teaching aids, from laptops to blackboards to books to wall charts, for several schools in South Asia.

As we grow, we intend to make significant and highly focussed investments of our time and capital towards philanthropy.