Careers - Recruitment Process

To land a position with Aron Global is simply put, quite tough. Our recruitment process involves at least two (or more) people from the company interacting with the candidate, is heavy on details and would possibly be one of the most intense recruitment processes most candidates would have ever experienced.

We only hire laterally with potential candidates needing to have a minimum of 3-4 years of work experience to be considered for a position with us. The main focus while hiring is to find people with the required competence set who can fit into our company culture. Once the candidate is selected via two or more detailed interviews, he has to go through an intensive training program in our India office. The training program covers product context in a field setting, international language skills and equally importantly a deep cultural immersion into the company.

Unlike other companies, the candidate’s business or geography context is not so important for us. We fundamentally believe that if the potential candidate has the competence set we seek and is a potential fit with our company culture, we can teach him the business or geography context in a matter of a few months and he will most likely be successful with us. Our track record of high quality and consistent performance speaks for the fact that this approach is far superior to the hiring approach of traditional companies, where business or geography context possibly supersedes everything else.