Products - Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is a recycling industry term and refers to pieces of metals that can be recycled. The trade of scrap metal reduces dependence on the limited amount of metals within the earth’s crust.

Two of the most common types of metals that enter the recycling stream are steel and aluminium. These particular scrap metal falls into two distinct categories – ferrous and non ferrous. Steel is a ferrous metal while aluminium is classified as a non ferrous metal. Metals like copper, lead, tin etc are also non ferrous scrap metal.

The scrap metal business is inherently a difficult business where quality judgement is more of an art than a science. We overcome this challenge through the presence of our employees at every stage of the supply chain thus offering a completely transparent view of the quality we are offering and shipping to our customers.

This business is far larger in value and volume terms compared to the teak logs & squares business though the latter is a higher gross margins business. That being said, our scrap metal trading business neatly complements our teak logs & squares business. Both the businesses operate in the same geographies on the purchase side, use our common physical infrastructure, the same on-land and marine logistics partners and utilize our deep contextual familiarity with our operating geographies.

Our current areas of focus are:

  • HMS1/2
  • LMS in Bales
  • Aluminium

Our customer spread is across several countries in South, South East and East Asia to both traders as well as steel mills. We also work with several quality agents across these countries.