Products - Teak Logs & Squares

The teak logs & squares business can be best described as a niche supply chain management business with a total trade value of approximately US$400 million per annum, ninety five percent of which goes to India. This trade flow is expected to show a significant increase in the coming years due to both supply push and demand pull factors which eventually should take in China into the fold in a significant manner.

Aron Global, earlier known as Renewable Woods, is recognized as one of the top three supply chain managers in the business with a deep understanding of Latin America. More importantly, we enjoy probably the best reputation in the trade.

The future of the teak business lies in Latin America with at least 350,000 hectares of teak plantations, of which ninety eight percent are with ages varying from a few months to twenty years. Over the last couple of decades, teak plantation investors, largely from Europe and the United States but also indigenous business houses and rich individuals, have been attracted to this business by the unique confluence of attractively priced land, supportive government regulations, attractive taxation policies, relative political stability and favourable weather patterns leading to the potential outcome of decent financial returns.

Our supply partners encompass the entire spectrum, from small traders to small & medium individual plantation owners to cooperatives to corporate entities to TIMOs (Timber Investment Management Organizations). What is common is the level of ethical standards we practice in our commercial transactions with each and every supply partner.

A few of the relatively well known supply partners we have worked with are:

  • Panama         –   Apical Reforestadora , Fertica, Sustainable Timbers , Inversiones Hope, Reforestadora del Darian, Valle Verde and United Nature.
  • Costa Rica     –   Proteak, Hermanos Cabalcetas , RGI, Alfons Ciolek, Familia Batalla, Arteverde.
  • Guatemala   –   Tripan, Interforest, Pilones de Antigua, Grupo Occidente.
  • Brazil              –  Floresteca
  • Ecuador         –   Tropibosques SA, Palmar Del Rio.
  • El Salvador   –   Forestal la Cueva, Bosques Verdes, Productos Cuscatlecos.
  • Honduras      –   Yodeco.
  • Colombia      –   Proteak.
  • Mexico           –   AGSA.

We also enjoy a deep understanding and a strong reputation on the customer side with access to more than 500 customers of teak logs & squares across Asia. Our customer spread encompasses the entire spectrum of traders, building material manufacturers, outdoor and indoor furniture manufacturers and flooring factories.