Our values are much more than sweet talk.

Our values determine our DNA and drive our organization. For every member of our team, they define what is desirable and what is not, thus exerting a major influence on the behaviour of each and every team member.

The set of eight values we live by are.

1. Efficiency

We have relentlessly high standards of efficiency. We pride ourselves on being best in class on speed, effectiveness and responsiveness in all our internal and external transactions.

2. Business with Integrity

There is a clear connection between decency and good business. We are true and fair in all our dealings with our suppliers, customers, employees and all other stakeholders.

3. Focus & Think BIG

We believe in laser like focus coupled with ambition. We carefully choose our business segments and then intensely focus on achieving leadership position in those segments.

4. Embracing Risk

Without taking risks there is no growth. However there is no foolproof way to take risks. We embrace controlled risk taking with a clear understanding of the possible downside, and our ability to weather it if the risk goes against us.

5. Frugality

Cost competitiveness is a key competitive advantage and something we take very seriously. Other than employee compensation, where we are at the top end, we spend our money very carefully.

6. Hiring & Developing

Nothing is more important for our team than hiring and developing good people. We believe the inordinate time we spend on hiring and developing people is time more than well spent.

7. Transparency & Collective Learning

We believe in transparency and ensure access to all the information that impacts our team member’s jobs. We continually improve through unleashing the collective learning and intelligence of all our team members. Every day, we keep getting better at what we do.

8. Having Fun

We believe in having fun and celebrating small successes in our journey to achieve big. We believe humour is essential to success. We applaud irreverence and don't take ourselves too seriously.