Careers - Why Work with Us

We understand that every career move is mostly an agonizing decision. While the decision is indeed difficult, if one thinks of it as risk-reward ratio as a backdrop, it might result in a significantly better informed decision. One will have to determine one’s risk threshold themselves.

Every career move is fundamentally the outcome of a risk arbitrage decision. Working in a government position offers a low risk low return option, working in a large private company is a medium risk medium return option while working in an all new website is mostly a gamble.

Aron Global offers a low risk high return option to the potential candidates. We are not hidebound like government organizations usually are, we are not so large that we have lost our soul and not so small that joining us is a gamble. We are privileged to be in the sweet spot of a medium sized highly successful company.

We also understand the fundamentally important things we need to do right to make our company a fun and productive place that delivers a superior financial performance. Twisting Tolstoy’s words, but not taking away the meaning, we believe ‘it takes ten things right to make a fun and productive team and one thing wrong to make the same team walk around like the living dead’.

Our roles offer the following:

1. Exciting Role

International roles which are hands on, offer high freedom to operate and lead to a tremendously deep and varied learning experience which will fundamentally change you into a better individual over time.

2. Enabling Environment

The pleasure of working in a high energy, friendly, fun loving and yet a completely meritocratic work environment.

3. Career Growth

Growth in line with a fast growing company which is inclined, as much as possible, to fill available positions from within.

4. Attractive Compensation

A well thought through compensation package, with a significant incentive component offering the rewards for high discretionary effort, and designed with a clear aim to place our people in the top 10-15 percent bracket in our industry.